О нас

Linens Limited is a family-run business selling bedding and other homeware textiles.

Started in November 2005 in a small 10ft x 15ft office in Berkshire, the interior textiles company was set up on a foundation of providing good quality products online at fair prices while maintaining an excellent level of customer service.

Our three founders have over 60 years of experience in the textile industry and come together to form the three pillars of Linens Limited:

  • Unique, high-quality home textiles
  • Good customer service
  • Online sales experience

Since our inception, Linens Limited has moved north to a 100,000 sq.ft mill in Chadderton, Oldham, but still has those three principles at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to our grassroots, built from family values, we can hand on heart say that we care about our customers and staff, and will always be true to our word.

All three founding members are still heavily involved in their areas of expertise, creating a solid foundation for the company.
Our Products

At Linens Limited, we handpick the finest products from a selection of carefully curated brands. We have traded with more than 100 different brands and we will continue to grow and explore relationships with exciting and up-and-coming brands.

This makes our products unique to the market, so that any room that you need soft furnishings can be found in our carefully selected collection. Our stringent quality control procedures ensure that we only offer our customers the very best products.

Our Linens Limited brand, born out of our strong knowledge of the textile industry, offers customers the essentials for their home at affordable prices, including duvet covers, bedding sets, bedspreads, pillows, towels and many other soft furnishings.

Our bedding boasts high thread counts, intricate embroidery and eye-catching designs in a combination of traditional and modern styles to suit your home interior.

We are as excited about home textiles today as we were 15 years ago and look forward to the future.

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